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Fizica Povestita

Fizica Povestita

The (stored)electroconvergence of the Earth

The  (stored)  Earth’ (electro)convergence theory

         Crivoi D. Dumitru

  1. Introduction

 The actual image on earthquakes is considered to be as follows: the Earth is submitted to continuous deformations because of the inner tensions. The shape alternations that take place are of plastic, elastic and of broken origin. The first two ((elastic , plastic) do not provoke sudden changes (alternations) while the broken (fractures) implies a sudden variation of tension in the very place of its out bursting, that is that portion(part) from the inner (30-70 km deep down from the inner masses generates elastic waves. This waves propagate themselves in certain areas and sometime can produce disastrous effects. This image is rather a description of phenomena than as explication, and the problem that raises is that of showing how and what provoke this tension inside the Earth, and which are the raisons for all these. A correct answer can be given only considering the Earth at his real dimension (not  as a mere point in Newton′ gravitational theory) only by taking into account its interactions  (Earth-environment, Earth-Sun/Moon) thus into account the non gravitational forces emphasized by these interactions and confirmed by the measurements. Newton reckons that his theory cannot explain how did the Earth accumulate, like the other planets, such a huge non-gravitational energy while allows its movement on the orbit (Ec = Mearthxω0/2= (2,7 x 1047) x (2. 10-7)/2= 2, 7.1040 erg). He did not ever take into account the revolution which assumed a fairly great wash of energy, this only in the situation when the whole planet mass is reduced to a point.


 Now days it has been clearly decoded with the help of the satellites, than such energy comes from the Sun trough radiations, and we ought to decide ourselves to overtake the information level on the solar system, information rooted 400 years ago. It is well known that the Sun emits, as radiation: 3,85x 1033erg./s from which though the transversal section of terrestrial  (magnetosphere) of a diameter of 15-20 terrestrial radius on perpendicular plane on the route Sun –Earth, the Earth receives approximate 1020 erg/s. During its existence (4,5 mil.) the Earth would have received (having the actual external structure) approximately 1,5.1037erg which had been normally considered as movement source. This may the Earth receivers effectively sufficient “non-gravitational” energy from the Sun but there still is a lack of coherent theory that is able to explain the way the energy received from the Sun is used in his dynamic, fig. 1 (I.N. Popescu,  Gravitația, 1982). That is why it is easy to understand why the actual theory, perfectly elaborated from the mathematical point of view suffers enough failures in explanation of such common phenomena, their physical model being far from what we measure and observe in reality. According to our opinion the real cause of the earthquakes is easily to explain if we take into account the interactions between Earth and Sun, environment of the Earth, magnetosphere- the Earth, taking into account the real dimensions of the Earth. These interactions, as we will see, determine the spinning and the revolution of the Earth. The interactions determine in certain conditions accidental, rapid and irregular variation of the magnetic gyro movement of the Earth, variations that have influences on the revolution speed.

  1. The (electro)convergence effect of the Earth

It was ascertained by measurement that there is a correlation between the intensity of the earthquake and the variation of the rotation of the Earth. There has been found out the mechanism through which these correlations took place, fig. II. (I.N. Popescu,  Gravitația, 1982). The “(electro)convergence effect”  gives us the opportunity for a coherent explanation of the Earth′s interactions. According to this effect the solar wind plasma current strongly ionized constantly emitted by the Sun, formed of protons and electrons-having the density of 200-800 kilometers per sec.- due to the impact with the Earth, the wind laminates kinetic parameters and electrical one a which differentiates from the fluidic medium in which penetrates. According to the (electro)convergence effect the continue cylindrical layer (3a) by  “local’’ influence (Cooper  neutron/electron decupling) converges in macroscopic area (4a / SPv). There is maintained in the inner area of the layer (3a) a minimum (electrostatic/barometrical) centre (-M) and a maximum centre (+M) in (electro)convergence area (4a / SPv) which determines  a transit movement of plastic mass between these two point/zones (-M, +M). The cylindrical layer (3a) continually eliminates the charged mass particles (m-, m+) from inner area (-M) by through mechanical inductance and interactions of electrostatic origin; so, this movement of electrostatic charge (6a)  took place continually between M(-) and (M+). This “printed field” (6a) has as “source” the environment and “ the transport phenomena” triggered in the (electro)convergence area (4a). This “transport phenomena” maintains an generates the coaxial movement of the plasmatic penetration current (6a),  coaxial and opposite cylindrical layer (3a). This coaxial movement of the “printed field” (6a) determines an electromotive tension whose consequence is the appearance of a rotate moment (Mr) which simultaneously actions on the two plasmatic currents (3a, 6a,), fig. III. Having both the mass and the speed smaller than of the layer (3a) the penetration current (6a) is strongly submitted to on action of twisting so that additionally to the movement of transition there is a rotation one. This penetration plasmatic current (6a) becomes vortex, with a continuous accelerated rotate movement, as the departure appears from the (auto)convergence area (4a), during is movement towards the Earth.


Fig. III. The (electro)convergence Earth’s effect

3a -the continue cylindrical layer ; 4a (SPv, +M )-the (electro) auto/convergence area where are decoupled/excited “pair electrons/neutrons Cooper ;  (-M) -the (inner 3a)/ minimum (electrostatic/barometrical) point/center; (+M) – maximum point  in (electro)convergence area (4a); (6a) –the penetration  current ( coaxial vortex) has as “source” the environment /“ the transport phenomena” triggered” in the (electro)convergence area 4a(SPv); (8a)-the connection spiral cone ; Pv – the magnetic moment of the electromagnetic field (vortex), Pv; Po-the magnetic moment of the electromagnetic field (vortex, Po,); e+- proton in (3a); e- – electroni /neutron (6a); (+)/(-) – positive/negative polarization of the Earth (Van Alenn griddle ); NPv / SPv – North/South pole of the vortex (field electromagnetic), Pv.


The vortex movement unleashes the separation an electrical charge (m+, m-) on radial peripherical circuits according to their mass (mion, melectron). Plasmatic particles will have an spiral trajectory function your mass and charge.There are preponderant “linked” smaller particles mass (melectron/positron/neutrino/…) in the penetration current (6a). The amount of the particles that executes spiral movement determines a fluido-electrical (self) which generates an electromagnetic field, Pv. The phenomenom is caracterised by the fact that it “link” the movement of  electrostatic particles (m+, m-) so the lines of growing electromagnetic field, as it getting done to the Earth. . The electromagnetic  field generated by plasmatic masses from the penetration vortex (6a) by the vector ( magnetic moment ), Pv, has the North Pole on the Earth-Sun axe in the elliptical plan at the distance between 50-150 kilometers from the Earth, and the South Pole  in the area of (electro)convergence, (4a / SPv), fig. III. The electromagnetic field lines of the vector, Pv,  close themselves penetrating the Earth. The vector of this electromagnetic field has been marked with, Pv, whose size, (sense), and direction  is directly determined by the variable interaction/influence between Sun/solar wind and The Earth. The  parameters of vectors ,Pv, ( and, environmental/ local, Pvprim, generated by protonic/plasmatic layer, 3a) are function by the variation of the  environment (“solar wind”) parameters and relative position Earth-Sun/Moon. The (electro)convergence realized by the interaction between Sun /“solar wind” and the Earth is characterized by the presence  of the two specific circuits for the electrostatic charged particles:

  1. The (preponderant) spiral ionic/protons circuit (m+, e+) on the route: current/vortex, (6/ 6a) –the connection spiral cone (8a) – the cylindrical layer, (3a) – (electro)convergence area (4a)- environement, fig. III-IV.



Fig. III.a. The scheme of the spiral (preponderent) electronics (6a) and  protons (3a) circuits


  1. The (preponderant) spiral electronic circuit (m-, e-) on the penetration vortex route (6a)

between the mirror of electromagnetic belonging to the effect (Npv, Spv), fig. III, a.

NASA articles demonstraite the fact that “the magnetotail ( circuit/vortex, 6/6a, in electro-convergence theory, our note)  can extend great distances away from its originating planet. Earth’s magnetic tail extends at least 200 Earth radii in the anti-sunward direction well beyond the orbit of the Moon at about 60 Earth radii, while Jupiter’s magnetic tail extends beyond the orbit of Saturn. On occasion Saturn is immersed inside the Jovian magnetosphereScientists “[…] studying Jupiter’s magnetotail made some surprising discoveries during their research. They discovered plasmoid bubbles (in 6a-vortex, n.n.) traveling through Jupiter’s magnetotail (3a- cylindrical  layer/vortex, our note) in the direction of the solar wind. They also discovered that unlike Earth’s magnetotail, Jupiter’s is surprisingly structured with clear boundaries consisting of differing plasma density (the fact confirm the physic model Earth’s electroconvergence, our note). They also noted intermittent extensions of Earth’s magnetotail where it would suddenly jump out to around 1000 Earth radii, extending much further than what the above Wikipedia quote describes. There’s clearly some interesting things going on behind the planets as they travel around the Sun”.

The inner griddle “Van Allen” appears as a consequence of some possible nuclear reactions between the cosmic particles of high energy. The inner griddle “Van Allen” appears because of the possible nuclear reactions from the upper side of the atmosphere and  N2, and, O2, nucleus. The rapid neutrons as resulted from the interaction process disintegrate themselves in protons, p,  electrons, e- , and neutrino, υ,  according to the relations: p→p +e- + υ;  p→n +e- + υ. In earth ATMOSPHERE AREA opposed to the Sun there is  a possibility to disintegrate both resulted non-thermonuclear  neutrons  and accelerations as a consequence of (electro)convergence effect. These free particles are linked to the magnetic field lines of the Earth –being knows as the inner griddle  “Vann  Allen”. This inner griddle  “Vann  Allen” realizes the energetic exchange between external griddle  “Vann  Allen” and the Earth. The differentiated polarity of the Earth (body) (“+” for the terrestrial area faced to the Sun and “-“ for the darkened terrestrial area ) made by the Sun, fig. III, determines the polarization and  differentiated retained of the electrostatic particle from external area of inner griddle “Van Allen”. This different polarized area combined with (Earth’s) (electro)convergence of the  “solar wind” defines the external griddle “ Van Allen”.

2.The electromagnetic fields Po, Ps and Pv of Earth

The permanent electrostatic  disequilibrium generated by the (electro)convergence effect combined  with differentiated polarisation of the external griddle “Van Allen” by the Earth, determines a massive continuous ring shaped movement of the electrical charges in the external griddle  (ring shaped current/ring vortex) together with the appearance of a field electromagnetic vector, Po, perpendicular on plane of the ecliptic.The natural conclusion is “any massive body created its self due to (electro)convergence effect of generated layer by the solar wind of fluidic ring shaped current (generating its own electromagnetic field, Po).” This conclusion contradicts the actual theory according to which a magnetism of the body from the cosmic space is given by the rotation of that body. The giromagnetic  theory cannot explain the periodical changing of the magnetic field polarity of the body from the cosmic space. The penetration of the electromagnetic field line , Po, in plasmatic medium  property (of) the Earth (atmosphere, crust) generates  a electronic circuit/(spiral vortex)  , e-, and inner ionic ring circuit, e+, shaped on induced by the first current (e-), fig. IV. The electromagnetic fields lines  L1, L2 of the penetration vortex, Pv,  following the route with greatest  magnetic permeability (the contact area of the inner plasma of the Earth with the terrestrial surface what has lower temperature than Curie temperature, To<T oCurie)  cross with the electromagnetic field lines given by the inner/external griddle “ Van Allen”, Po,  shaping both the electronic, e-,  and ionic , e+, circuits to the ordonated and ring shaped movement of ionic mass, inner Earth placed with  400 km from the centre of the Earth in plane  which makes an interaction electromagnetic fields Po, Pv, it is its  own electromagnetic field of the vector, Ps,  (it is variable in size, direction and   sense in correlation with, Po,  and especially with , Pv, ), angle 23040’ with, Po. 


Fig. IV- The electromagnetic fields of the Earth, Po, Ps, Pv  and the  electric circuits (e-, e+)


Finally this electromagnetic field, Po, determined the telluric currents that engage the tough of the earth in the rotation movement. This is the transfer mechanism of the energy from the Sun (the preponderant influence body) to the Earth’ entropic matrix that assured the revolution and the rotation of the Earth. From the stored here comes that:

  1. The Earth’s entropic matrix (internal and external micro/macrostructure with related

functions,…,) is the interface of energetic transfer with environment/(Sun/Moon- the preponderant influence body), fig. III-V;



                                                               Fig. V.

  1. The geomagnetic activity appears due to the (electro)convergence effect of Earth , effect

what realized interaction between Earth and natural environment (Sun/Moon- preponderant influence body), fig. V;


Fig. VI. The empirical correlation on long term between  non gravitational activity of the Sun and geomagnetic activity.


3.The magnetic (moment) field of Earth has three component: Pv- instable, linked by moment

environment parameters; Po- stable, generated by the external griddle  “Van Allen (resonance cavity) and, Ps (instable, linked by the electromagnetic fields, Ps, Po). The discrepancy with 11o50’  of the giromagnetic axis, aurora areas and generally geomagnetic activity can be coherent explain by the composition (Po+Ps), fig.VI.

  1. There is a permanent connection of electromagnetic (nongravitational) between Earth and the Sun that together with the interaction of gravito-electrostatic origin determines the orbit; to the Earth’ position on the orbit correspond its parameter vectors Pv, Po, Ps.
  2. Certainly there is a causal link between the effect of (electro) convergence and: the natural body gravitation/inertia, the systematic variation of Earth’s energy (the contraction and expansion of magnetosphere on the trajectory,…,), the sudden local variations (Earth/atmosphere/ionosphere tide phenomenon, seismic activity/tsunamy, magnetic storm,…,) function of relative position between Earth and Sun/Moon (eclipses, conjunctions, …,). Any variation of the parameters of the solar wind is felt by the  (electro)convergence effect of the planet (Earth) and materialized in  local variation of penetration vortex’ electromagnetic field, Pv, (structure, organization, function)    fig. III., fig. IV. Knowing the transfer mechanism of the solar /moon energy in terrestrial electromagnetic field with their inner and external circuit /vortex with the effects they induced in the external and inner plasmatic medium of Earth, there are can an explanation of the real causes of the earthquakes (D. Crivoi, Hazardul natural, 2004). A sudden local energetic disequilibrium can be  created naturally or technical. The fluctuation of the environoment parameters (solar activity, eclipses, plasmoid bubbles …,) is strongly felt in the area of  action, that there can be obtained sudden  variations of parameters of the external circuit/vortex (plasmoid bubbles appears in 6a)t  . The sudden variation of  electromagnetic field  penetration vortex, Pv, has important implications on parameters of electronic, e-, and ionic, e+ , circuits from the inner Earth (plasmoid bubbles impact atmosphere/ionosphere/crust)


Fig. VII.The risk area of the Earth (black points)

According to the  NASA articles there are plasmoid bubbles traveling down  Earth’s magnetotail ( in current/vortex, Pv, 6a, fig III-IV, our note). According to the NASA article, these magnetic ropes are responsible for delivering the energy displayed during geomagnetic activity, which can sometimes equal the power of an earthquake. The (electro)convergence of the Earth theory demonstrates that this may be more than an analogy. This energetic disequilibrium can be found in a sudden local variation of the electrical/EM, chemical,…, mechanical/pressure parameters of the local atmosphere and crust (conductor operator – electric charge).
If the surface charge density in the conductors operator, σf, exceeds a critical value,
σfcr, self discharge can go in flashing: so, the mass movements are evident in the earth’s crust (seismic movement), fig.VIII. Equation (1) emphasizes that in the vicinity of a local macroscopic electric charges/ (conductor operator), placed in a dielectric medium, the electric field, E, is of  ε times more intense than dielectric medium is vacuum for the same surface charge density, σfcr.


                         Fig.VIII.  Conductor operator (electric charge) placed in a dielectric area

a – tangential components of the electric field dielectric environment; b – normal components of the electric field in the conductor operator.

  1. According to the similitude laws from the theory of discharging in gasses to a weak magnetic field effectively revealed in interplanetary space (10-4 – 10-8) Oe, corresponds a lab magnetic field of approximate 108Oe, impossible to be created by actual devices. Only an accelerator device for particle with 1012-1013 eV. would permit the creation of such behavior. Thus the extrapolation of the laboratory results in a global electromagnetic interpretation of the phenomena observed in cosmic space could have serious difficulties (I.N. Popescu, Gravitation, 1982).
M-am nãscut în 1953 în Voineşti/Iaşi. In 1984 am absolvit Academia Tehnicã Militarã (facultatea de armament şi rachete) din Bucureşti. Anterior, în 1975, am absolvit şcoala de ofițeri de artilerie din Sibiu. Am obtinut titlul de doctor la Universitatea tehnica “Gh. Asachi”, Iaşi (conducator stiintific, prof. dr. ing. V. Belousov). Cãrti publicate : "Creaţia tehnică în domeniul propulsiei rachetelor", 2002; "Hazardul seismic", 2004; "Electroconvergenţa Pământului (Experimentul Allais-experiment crucial)", 2005; "Convergenţa şi divergenţa materiei/ Partea I-Electroconvergenţa corpurilor natural din Univers", 2007. Premii: Medalia de Aur la Salonul Internaţ. de Invenţii "Ecoinvent" (Iaşi, 2007); Medalia de bronz la Salonul de Inventica, Chişnãu, 2008. Email:;

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