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We are a Romanian NGO, called „Stiinta pentru toti”, which translates as „Science for all”. Our goal is to promote science, and we are mainly targeted to young age.
We activate on this website, where members of our club share their enthusiasm about science, their recent experiments or the books they recently read. From the broad range of activities we have, here are some:

  • We perform science presentations and give courses of interest to the public.
  • We promote and support publications of scientific books in Romanian.
  • We popularize science through news, articles, interviews and podcasts.
  • We organise and promote science competitions and exchange visits.

All these activities require your support. We accept donations and material contributions (such as for example scientific equipment or English science books that can be donated in Romania). To keep our activity constant, we also offer the possibility of a periodic financial contributions. If you want to help us, please email us at, complete the form below or choose Secure Paypal:

Periodical donations form


This is large amount. Choose this wisely; we prefer a smaller contribution with a long term commintment instead of a large contribution for a brief amount of time.

Periodical donations via Pay Pal

Periodic donations

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